We invite you to experience kindredPHR, an improved and rebranded version of MyOSCAR at No new account needed! Your current MyOSCAR username and password will allow you to log into kindredPHR. Over the next few months we will be terminating the MyOSCAR service, but rest assured all of your information and relationships will be available through kindredPHR!
MyOSCAR - Personal Health Record

MyOSCAR is your secure, private on-line health record. You have total control as to who can put information into your record and with whom you share this information. You can also:
  • communicate securely with your health care team
  • request copies of your records from your doctor which may be lab results, prescription profile, or scanned documents
  • make appointment requests or cancel appointments
  • access reliable health information about topics of interest to you
With MyOSCAR you can do all this from the privacy of your home. All you need is access to a computer, a MyOSCAR account, and the Internet.
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